Social and Environmental Commitment

In BrudyTechnology we understand that any benefit should be reflected in a benefit to the society and the planet. For this reason we are a company committed to the preservation of the environment, inclusion in the labor market of people with disabilities and support for people with serious or chronic diseases.

All of our oils have the Friend of the Sea International Independent Certificate, which guarantees obtaining it by following the international fishing quotas in compliance with FAO guidelines. Our oil does not overexploit marine resources, using fishing techniques that minimize the impact on the ecosystem.

BrudyTechnology hires any Logistics Outsourcing services to the CARES Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to provide decent work to people with disabilities and/or a risk of social exclusion.

From BrudyTechnology we contribute to the improvement of care for the chronically ill and/or seriously ill, both pediatric and adults, making donations to various associations.