Brudy Quality

In Brudy Technology we go for the highest possible quality, controlling the whole process from the origin. We select the best raw materials, blue fish processed in the high seas, mainly Peruvian anchovy, and we follow the most rigorous manufacturing and analysis controls, including analytics by external laboratories in all the manufacturing lots, ensuring compliance with regulatory regulations and preservation of the bioactive properties of DHA.

Cell tested
DHA with bioactivity guaranteed

All of our lots are tested at the cell level to ensure that their bioactivity has been preserved. We are the only manufacturer in the world to perform this in vitro test. More information on Brudy Bioactivity

Clinical Trails
Clinical Trials

Over the last 10 years we have collaborated with Universities and Hospitals in conducting more than 20 clinical assays in different areas of human health. They can be consulted in Clinical Trials and Reports

DHA made in Europe

The BrudyTechnology Production Plant and the Quality Control and R&D laboratories are located at the Applus Bellaterra facility, on the Universitat Autònoma Campus, 20 km from the city of Barcelona

Oxidative Patent
Cellular Oxidative Damage Patent

Patent WO 2007/071733 A3: Use of dha, epa or dha-derived epa for treating a pathology associated with cellular oxidative damage

Dislipidia in HIV
Dyslipidemia in HIV Patent

Patent WO 2004050077 A1: Use of docosahexanoic acid as active substance for the treatment of lipodystrophy

Tumoral Diseases
Tumoral Diseases Patent

Patent WO 2006120120 A1: Use of docosahexaenoic glycerides for the treatment of tumorous diseases

clean DHA
DHA without contaminants

Our levels of undetectable contaminants are far below the limits allowed by international standards, such as the Codex Alimentarius, European Pharmacopoeia or GOED (Global organization for EPA and DHA). More information on Clean DHA

Friend of the sea
Sustainable DHA

All of our oils have the Friend of the Sea International Independent Certificate, which ensures that they are obtained while respecting marine resources, in compliance with FAO guidelines. More information on Sustainable DHA

Third party tested
Third party Tested

All our lots are tested externally by Eurofins BioPharma, as a guarantee of quality and transparency

GOED members

We are members of GOED (Global Organisation for EPA and DHA), the world's largest organization of Omega-3 manufacturers, exceeding their ethical and quality standards

DHA Kosher

Kosher certificate on all lots

DHA Halal

Halal certification in all lots

Gluten free
Gluten free DHA

All our products are gluten free

Lactose free
Lactose free DHA

All our products are lactose free