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Algatrium is a nutritional ingredient consisting of DHA that stimulates the cell antioxidant activity. Algatrium has the same structure of natural oil – extracted from fish – and therefore when ingested it is considered a food ingredient and cosmetic when applied on the skin. Of all Omega 3 oils in the market, Algatrium contains the highest DHA levels.

Its primary characteristic compared to other Omega 3 rich fatty acids is its antioxidant capacity. Algatrium protects cell membranes and DNA from oxidation by free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that affect cell systems causing ageing. Algatrium Plus acts as a natural defence against degrading effects of molecules, preserving cell structure and DNA against ageing.


Algatrium works by increasing intracellular concentration of glutathione, the most important antioxidant of our cells. It acts as a first line of defence and maintains the system intact. In this way, the product generates a direct protection system of the cell. Cells treated with Algatrium can reach a level of antioxidant productivity level 300% greater than a normal cell. In addition, contrary to a conventional antioxidant that generates residual subproducts, Algatrium creates an antioxidant mechanism of the cell in a completely natural way.